Where I talk about building strength & muscle, challenging myself, and enriching life with music and an active lifestyle

  • Is this a fitness blog?

    Is this a fitness blog?

    This year, but especially during the autumn, fitness and training has become a more important part of my life than it’s ever been. I’ve been doing strength training with a brilliant personal trainer…

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  • New beginnings

    New beginnings

    This week marks a new fresh start in many ways, so let’s reopen this old blog to celebrate! Last week I submitted the final assignment for my graphic design course. The exam period…

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Susanne Marcus Svalefelt

Hi there! I’m Susanne, a Swede in West Cork, Ireland. I play music, take photos, lift weights, and work on a freelance business. I started this blog as an accountability tool, to document and share my fitness journey, talk about learning music, and to hopefully inspire others.

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