A weekend in Dingle

Some week ago we went for a road trip over the weekend – the first real road trip since before Covid. We’ve been around West Cork and also done the Ring of Kerry, in 2020 and 2021, but haven’t stayed overnight. This time we decided to have a real mini holiday and booked two nights in a B&B. It was a very relaxed weekend, well needed for us both after a quite overwhelming spring.

Dingle is located at the southern end of the Dingle peninsula and it’s a very famous spot for tourists, because of the very scenic location along the Wild Atlantic Way, and vibrant town life with lots of nice shops, pubs, music, and events. The town is also very colourful and it’s lovely to walk around there.

Dingle used to have its own dolphin, Fungie, who once got separated from the other wild dolphins, and from at least 1983 he lived near the Dingle harbour for many years and seemed to look for contact with humans. He lived there for almost 40 years until he disappeared in late 2020. He was a Dingle icon and probably is missed by many! So, because of Fungie, dolphins will appear in many brands and places around Dingle, such as the shop in the photograph above.

During the weekend, we visited Ocean World, tasted whiskey, enjoyed local seafood, and went for walks and road trips around the peninsula. Without further ado, let’s dive into the photos.

Ocean world features a variety of animals from and around the ocean, including fish, reptiles, and penguins, and they also have a fascinating room with tropical butterflies. As far as I understand they also run some conservation projects.

Whiskey tastings

The whiskey distillery is closed to visitors for the moment, but if you’re a whiskey blogger and have contacts, who knows what can happen…

We had a lovely chat and tasting with the head distiller, his lovely wife (who also works there) and another couple. We tasted some of their recently released whiskeys but were also treated to taste some cask samples. It was a fabulous and tasty afternoon! And we got ourselves some nice branded jackets too.

More “liquid sunshine” enjoyment at the famous whiskey bar, Dick Mack’s, later.

Saturday was the perfect day for a road trip along the Slea Head Drive – except for the fact that there was a half marathon going on and the roads were closed for a long time. But that made us walk for a bit instead which enabled us to enjoy the scenery even more.

While most of West Cork is cow land, county Kerry certainly is sheep land!

When the roads were opened, I wanted to see some of the places we’ve visited in the past, particularly a spot near the Slea Head where I once photographed waves crashing against the cliffs, but we never found it, probably we took another route this time. We need to go back soon again and find those places! But we did find Brandon Creek and some places we haven’t seen before.

Along the Slea Head Drive
Along the Slea Head Drive
Along the Slea Head Drive
Brandon Creek area
Brandon Creek area
Brandon Creek area

For people like us, no visit to new places in Ireland will be complete without visiting a local trad session. Obviously, it was a special treat to come across a brilliant concertina player!

First long trip with an electric car

This trip was interesting for another reason than to visit beautiful places and enjoy ourselves – it was also the first trip where our new car would meet its first real-world challenge. Last year, after many troubles with the car we had, and lots of €€€€€ spent on repairs and rental cars, we finally bought a new fresh car, a Tesla, so fully electric.

Before the trip to Dingle, we’ve made a few shorter road trips with it, and my husband has taken a few trips to and from Dublin, but that’s it. For longer trips you need to know where there are chargers, and what type of chargers (how fast they charge the car). Going to Dublin and back, there’s a supercharger halfway to Dublin, and if needed on the way back, there is one just outside Cork.

We found that there’s a quite fast charger in Dingle and a supercharger in Tralee, so after coming to Dingle, we charged it up to have it full for the road trip the next day just in case. The route around the far end of the peninsula is actually quite short, so for going back home we still had enough battery to go through Conor Pass and to Tralee, stop there for coffee and top up the car, before going home.

For future trips, we’re quite sure there will be enough charging facilities to keep us going even for the remote small country road trips we like to do. Ireland is a small country so the distances are much smaller than they might seem.

Conor Pass

Conor Pass is a spectacular place with some amazing views – in good weather. We didn’t have that weather, but it was nice to have seen it, and we’ll be back another time. I took some photos despite the weather.

These people certainly had higher ambitions than we did, for their visit to Conor Pass!

We will certainly hit the road soon again. Maybe not for full weekends because we have plenty of work to do in the garden, but it’s nice to get away and see other places now and then.

About Author

Hi there! I’m Susanne, a Swede living in West Cork, Ireland. I play the guitar, create photos and work on creating a career in graphic design. Welcome to my blog where I share photos and thoughts.


  • Jackie
    17th May 2022 at 1:52 pm

    I love this area of Ireland!! We took our fist road trip last week.

    • Susanne
      17th May 2022 at 8:01 pm

      It’s a wonderful area! I hope to get back later this year. Hope you had a good road trip too!

  • Donna Connolly
    18th May 2022 at 2:19 am

    Hi, Susanne – I agree that it’s nice to get away and see other places — especially after more than two years of travel restrictions.
    Thank you for sharing these photos with us — they are very inspiring!

    • Susanne
      18th May 2022 at 9:00 am

      Yes, it’s so good to be able to travel again! At least during the summer, we’ll see how the autumn goes. I’m glad you liked the photos.

  • Janet Alcorn
    21st May 2022 at 10:37 pm

    Gorgeous! Another place I need to add to my travel bucket list.

    • Susanne
      22nd May 2022 at 9:13 am

      Yes, the Dingle peninsula is fantastic! But there are lovely places all around this country, many a lot less famous than Dingle but very much worth seeing. I’ve seen too little of the midlands and northern parts myself, hope to do longer road trips eventually. Dingle is one of my favourite places to visit here in the south though!

  • Maria
    24th May 2022 at 4:51 pm

    What a wonderful weekend! Dingle looks like a place I’d like to explore.

  • Anne
    1st June 2022 at 5:32 pm

    Gorgeous pictures, as always, Susanne. The colors of the shops in Dingle just jump off the screen! What a cheerful, bright town. (I also love the name of the ice cream shop as that is my mother’s name :>).
    Your drive along the coast – with photography and whiskey! – sounds just delightful. I am so glad you got out and did this. Looking forward to future posts on other road trips!
    Take care

    • Susanne
      2nd June 2022 at 7:39 am

      Well, the whiskey was the day before the drive 🙂 but it was a lovely trip. Dingle is wonderfully colourful but we have some places like that here in Cork too! We haven’t been around much in our own area lately because we’ve been so busy preparing for our gig and working in the garden, but I hope to do smaller road trips soon.


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