About me & this blog

This is a personal blog where I share my photography projects, reflections about photography and about our life in Ireland, and where I’ll promote places in West Cork, Ireland, and occasionally other fabulous places I visit.

I’m Swedish, 40+, former nurse, now trying to change career and to create a better and more enjoyable lifestyle.

I’m trying to not write clichés here, but to say it short and sweet, I’m the only person responsible for my own happiness, so in early 2019, together with my husband and cat I left Sweden to live in the beautiful region of West Cork, Ireland.

I started this blog to share my experiences of moving from Sweden to Ireland, but during 2019 I wasn’t able to give the blog much attention since I was also studying Italian at the university. Now after finishing my studies (at least for now!), I’m starting some new projects and have decided to use this blog to talk about photography and share photo projects but also share with you some fabulous places I visit and reflections about our life in Ireland.

I’m a language enthusiast in love with grammar, and I’m currently working on becoming as near fluent as possible in Italian. I’ve studied Italian in different ways since 1997 and have been decent at it for many years, but it’s about time I take some time to actually become good at it. This will make me trilingual and I hope my language skills can help me find interesting jobs or that I can develop language related freelance services.

I’m also doing an online course to improve my photography.

Do you have questions, or want to contact me? Feel free to send e-mail!