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About the blog

This is an old school personal blog of sorts. I started it to share my experiences of moving abroad and about my life in Ireland, but didn't really manage to get started with it while I studied at the university during 2019, and after that came 2020 with the arrival of you know what.

Now it's near the end of 2020 and I want to keep this blog and (re)start writing again. I'm writing this as the rain is pouring down and the Irish government is having meetings to decide the level of a new lockdown, so there will be no pretty roadtrip photos from around the country or even West Cork for a while, but I may share photos from walks in my own area.

I will continue to write about life in Ireland, creative projects, and thoughts around the current situation. Perhaps I'll also write about places around here and other places I love despite not being able to go there right now.

I enjoy reading personal blogs, I'm interested in reading about people's lives and connecting with people. This site is for everyone who feels the same.

About me

I'm Swedish but moved to Ireland in February 2019. I'm trying to change career and for the moment I'm indulging in graphic & UI design courses, blogs, and learning about whisk(e)y. After the pandemic we'll see where I end up.

Other than that, I love photography and music, and I'm learning to play bluegrass guitar and Irish concertina.

Very awkward "about" page but I'll improve it with time :)

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