About me & this blog

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my blog! This is a personal blog about life in West Cork. After March 2020, the blog went into some kind of waiting mode – everything I wanted to show and share about this beautiful area, and country, wasn’t possible to do anymore. For now, I simply share some of my photos and thoughts from daily life.

I’m Swedish but since February 2019 I live in West Cork, Ireland. I started this blog to share my experiences of moving abroad, and about our life in Ireland.
However, during my first year here I studied Italian at the university, and it was so overwhelming that I didn’t get much writing done. Shortly after I finished the course, covid-19 happened and all my writing ideas vanished or weren’t possible because there was travelling involved.

I’ve tried to blog many times in the last 12 years, and have quit and started fresh many times but this time I really wanted to keep doing it, do it better, and create a website I would be proud of. That’s still my plan although there have been some bummers along the way.