Hi there and welcome to my blog! I’m Swedish but moved from Sweden to Ireland in 2019, and I now live in the stunning area of West Cork.

I’ve tried to blog for many years but without consistency. I liked the social part of blogging and that’s why I continued, but I didn’t really know HOW I wanted to blog. Then in 2019 after moving to Ireland I started this blog. During the pandemic I took the time to learn to play bluegrass guitar, and music became more important to me than it’s ever been. I brought music into my blog and immediately felt that I had ”come home”.

This has been a year of chaos and I’ve done some overthinking around blogging and writing, and have rambled here and there quite a bit with the blog.

I’ve now (September 2021) sort of settled down with the thought that I’ll just keep on running this blog the way that suits me and ignore everything that trends and ”blogging experts” say you should be doing.

Let’s call this ”the blog version 2”. This is a rather old school style blog where I share my world and what inspires me, mostly to do with music, photography and beautiful places.