“Recognising that you are not where you want to be is a starting point
to begin changing your life.”

(Deborah Day)


I’m trying to not write clichés here, but to say it short and sweet, I’m the only person responsible for my own happiness, so together with my husband and cat I’ve recently left Sweden to live in the beautiful region of West Cork, Ireland. We lived here ten years ago, from January 2008 until early 2009. We had valid reasons for going back to Sweden, but West Cork has continued to be like home, especially in recent years. Things have changed, and we have changed. Most things that made us return to Sweden are no longer relevant, and it’s about time that we make West Cork our physical home again.

I choose Ireland for the climate, the music, the people, culture, and stunning scenery. I guess it’s not very common to move to Ireland for the weather? Well, I really dislike snow and long winters, and since a few years I really struggle to get through the Swedish winters. I definitely don’t mind rain instead, and I love green fields and to see spring flowers begin to show up in February.

Welcome to follow my adventures in Ireland, read about our life here, and about West Cork and other fabulous places in Ireland. I also hope to write about photography, my Italian studies, and my attempts to create a better, healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.