Back on WordPress – why, and all the woes around it

I’m back on WordPress, folks! And after having fiddled with plugins, I’m already tired of it. 😂

I still love Ghost, and I may go back to it eventually. But I had some problems on the hosting server, with some scripts that didn’t work, and also, it worried me that it wasn’t possible to migrate the comments over. If I had come to the situation where I had to move back to WP for financial reasons or whatever (I need to have a separate hosting account for using Ghost), with hundreds more comments, I would probably lose all of them, and I didn’t like that thought at all. It was a disaster to get my comments over here, but at least now it was my choice to do it. I exported a CSV file, and had to modify it to add the WordPress post id on each post id for WordPress to recognise the comments on each post. Then after import, I had to go into the database, and edit the comment data to connect my replies to the correct comment id!! Imagine the work! If you’re more competent with these things than I am, there are probably more convenient ways to do it. At least I learned a lot about WordPress databases, and that is probably a good thing.

But the two main reasons for me to come back to WordPress was 1. the comment form is more recognisable for most people which I feel is important on this kind of blog where I want/expect/wish a lot of comments, and 2. I purchased this very nice looking theme last year and I’m not happy about not using it. I will honestly say that if it wasn’t for this theme, I wouldn’t dream about using WordPress again – theme development has become a nightmare here. For Ghost themes, it was mainly to look through some documentation, for most things you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand it. Obviously you need to have some coding experience though.

Regarding the hosting and the comment function, I’m testing other Ghost hosting options. I’m a beta tester on one of them and it’s possible I’ll get a discount afterwards. When the main bug fixing is over, we’ll see how it works, what the cost will be and how I like it. Regarding the problems with comment migration/sync, I believe they will be solved eventually. At least, if I get fed up with WordPress again, it is way more easy to migrate both content and comments back to Ghost than the other way around.

WordPress has been slightly improved since I left. The clutter in the editor is easier to hide when writing (now they just need to fix the dashboard), and they have added auto update functions (honestly, what took them so long??!). And Wordfence now has 2 step verification for login. So yes, the whole experience is a little bit less stressful.

That I’m back here is a good thing for all of you, not only because of the slicker comment form but also because it means I’m back to love my blog and that I don’t mind having to spend some time and patience on maintenance work. My decision to bring music topics into this blog did wonders for my inspiration and interest to write.

Tech stuff clears your mind so that you forget everything else for a while. During a pandemic, most distractions are positive, and I’m doing quite good. I hope you are too! I promise to share something more exciting in my next post. Now most tech stuff is done – tomorrow I’m back to the guitar and my design course.


  • Anne
    26th February 2021 at 12:02 am

    Oh Susanne, what a bummer! I’m sorry that you had to migrate back, and that you’re dealing with your WordPress issues again. I’ve tried to keep it simple in an effort to avoid them… so far, it’s okay, but I have run into a couple of things (of course…).
    For what it’s worth, I’ll go wherever to read what you write – I just love that you are loving your blog again!
    Take care

    • Susanne
      26th February 2021 at 8:53 am

      Oh, I know, haha! At least now, the only issues I have is the security fix but I think I have a good setup now with good backups and all, plus I have tools for if I’ll go back to Ghost. For now I’m actually happy to use WordPress. But I know that if something happens I’ll be annoyed with it again! 😁
      Actually, yesterday the developer for the platform I’m a beta tester on, contacted me about a photo gallery problem I had reported (which is exactly the same script that didn’t work on the platform where I used Ghost for this blog), and he said it was actually a problem with Ghost and not the platform. He had found a fix for it that will soon be implemented. I think this new platform will be very good so if the price will be good I’ll definitely keep it in mind later on.


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