I’ve had this blog since what, February? And I have 10 posts. When I prepared for this blog, I wanted it to be the one blog I wouldn’t just abandon. But I’ve lost inspiration, for the usual reasons but also because I’ve been so overwhelmed and my brain hasn’t cooperative […]

We are both music geeks. Most people we know in Ireland are people we have come to known through music, and generally there are lots of cool people (not only in Ireland) that we never would have known if it wasn’t for music. We’re definitely not professionals – rather enthusiasts […]

Well, those waiting for Lorenzo sure had to wait! 😀 At least here in the south. We had a very windy and rainy morning, but after lunch it calmed down and then we didn’t see more of Lorenzo. In the evening we even had some sunshine! The temperature is nice […]

At the end of last week, news about hurricane Lorenzo started circulating here and there on social media. It would move over the South Atlantic, across the Azores, and head straight towards Ireland and the UK. I didn’t really believe it would be anything bad, because there have been several […]