Category: Moving to Ireland

This summer has been crazy, but fabulous! We moved into our house in the end of June, and although it was just barely habitable, it was such a lovely feeling to finally have our own house again. I hadn’t realised how much I had missed having a home. In reality, […]

We’re few weeks from having to move from our rental house by the sea, and are working hard to get some rooms in order until then. D has painted all rooms except the sitting room and the kitchen, and has removed the carpets. For you people from the UK and […]

I can now happily announce that we have a house and a garden again! We haven’t moved in yet, have no furniture, not even a kitchen yet, but we have the keys, have started renovating, and today we went there just to sit in the garden and have a gin […]

Now we’ve been here for two months. Incredible! We are doing good.. or actually, we’re doing great. Our life has improved so much, in so many ways. No country is perfect and Ireland isn’t either, but it offers a lot of good things, it’s a country that suits us perfectly, […]