If you know me enough, you knew that I would come back to this blog as it used to be. Of course you did. I normally love sharing stories and photos from my life, and the social part of blogging always makes me come back to it no matter what.

This weekend, summer finally arrived. It’s been the wettest and coldest month of May I can remember, and definitely the worst May since we moved to Ireland. But on Friday afternoon, the weather finally shifted. On Saturday we had just below 20 degrees (68 F), yesterday definitely 20+ degrees. We’ve been in the garden non-stop and have got lots of work done. Yesterday I took a stroll in the garden with the camera, like I did last year almost every day. I experienced one of the most beautiful and therapeutic moments so far this year. The sun warmed my back, I looked at beautiful green fields, felt the scent of warm grass and heard the birds sing and insects buzz. It was such a wonderful moment that I really needed after a horrible winter and a very confusing spring.

However, that experience still was pale compared to what I’ve been up to today.

Covid-19 vaccination
It’s party time!

Today I received my first Covid vaccine. It’s been one of the happiest days of my life, despite that the weather has gone back to cloudy, windy and not so warm. I’ve been more or less isolating since Covid broke out in Ireland, with a few exceptions last summer when the spread was very low, and we went to Dublin to buy my guitar, to Kerry for a one-day road trip, and to a friend to play a couple of tunes. Before Christmas, before the situation went from not-so-good to horrible, we had another music session together and I was so nervous that it made me nauseous. While I managed to keep a positive attitude during most of 2020 and also had some very good times despite the pandemic, 2021 has been mostly misery from day one. Many times I thought we were all doomed, and I played “Salt creek” and “Clinch mountain backstep” on the guitar until my fingers nearly bled because that was my way of keeping anxiety at bay.

Getting the vaccine is a first step towards better times, and it feels like a gift that will slowly give me my life back. Today marks a new beginning, and hopefully within a reasonable future we can socialise with other people again. Our car was in for repair today so a friend took me to the vaccination centre – this gave us some invaluable chat time too! It’s been a good day.

I’m going to celebrate this new beginning by starting to write on this blog again. You may wonder if I’ll be offline again next week, and I don’t blame you. But let me try this! Mistakes are there to learn from, and there are stories to be told and photos to be shared. In addition, Being away from this blog (even if it was a short time!) was good for clearing my head and for doing some well needed self reflection, but also to realise that I liked what I had here, that I just need to stop taking everything so seriously, and how much I’d like to try to get the blog back on its feet towards what I originally wanted it to be.

Oh, and by the way – I need to get back to playing Clinch mountain backstep, but only because it’s a fun tune!

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  • 3rd June 2021

    Congratulations! My wife and I were fully vaccinated a couple months ago, and our children a few weeks later. Such a sense of relief. And now we go to stores and socialize face-to-face with friends – miraculous! Wishing you a joyous summer.

  • 8th June 2021

    Welcome back Susanne! I’m so glad you have received your first vaccination, it is something to be celebrated. I have my first shot later this month, we are in rural town in Australia and it’s not that easy or fast to get a vaccination even if you really want it, but we are getting it done slowly down here! Take care and enjoy your summer as we delve into winter. #lifethisweek

  • 9th June 2021

    I can relate to that uncertain re blogging. I used to really only be a personal blogger – over a decade ago when that’s what everyone did. I mostly write about books now but my personal posts are the most popular ones and I do enjoy writing them. I realise that if that’s the case I should continue and not worry how many people read them or comment, rather I just keep writing.

    PS. I have my first Covid shot on the weekend as well. No side effects thankfully.


  • 9th June 2021

    Oh how kind you are in your words about me Susanne. Thank you.

    Covid Vax day is a good day. We are getting our second ones this week coming. I will ensure photos are taken.

    We are in the midst of a cold snap – in Australia they tend to make snow above certain number of metres and those who like to ski are pleased. We are on the coast and feel the winds and cold but are comfy inside in air con

    I hope your music continues to bring you joy. It does that for my 72 year old husband every single day.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. It’s a great community that I enjoy hosting and your posts help make this so! Next week the optional prompt is 24/51 Nourish. 14 June. See you then I hope. Denyse


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