I’ve taken a break from everything else to do this guitar class. I needed that.

After Christmas, it was hard to get back to work (which is, for the moment, to create things in Adobe, continue graphic design studies, practise Adobe skills, and plan my business). After a good start during the autumn, self-doubt set in, and just before Christmas I mainly stared at the screen, uncertain about how to move forward. For some time, I’ve been involved in so many projects that my head has been all over the place and was ready to explode from overload. I think this behaviour goes back to when I worked as a nurse and doing everything at the same time was the norm, and I’ve taken it with me although I don’t need to. This is only bad and I need to learn to do one thing at a time (and definitely stop overthinking!). I’ve taken the first step by letting go of some old habits and thoughts and started to make decisions that are for me and not to “look good” or please someone else.

For now, and during the next 3 weeks, I spend my days mainly practising the guitar. I get up, have coffee and breakfast, do some reading, then I play the guitar, have lunch, play the guitar, have an afternoon break, and then play the guitar until my better half comes home. And in the evening I’m absolutely exhausted! But it’s very worth it.

The first week, I felt the tune was “doable”, although certain phrases felt like playing twister with my fingers. I learned to play the tune ok and managed to get to somewhere around 70 BPM. I was quite sure I could play it in class last Sunday, but when I got there, absolutely nothing worked. Nada! I was disappointed and even surprised with myself so the day after, I recorded it and posted it on my Instagram because I knew I could play that thing and sort of had to prove it! Apparently, I’ve become a lot more used to playing for a camera than playing for real people.

This week I’ve been working on “Little Sadie”, an intro with two different repeats. The first part is quite straightforward, the second repeat is… advanced. But with this course, I’m determined to try everything, no matter how advanced it is, so I got started and I practised that advanced part the rest of the week. To begin with, I practised one phrase at a time, then listened carefully to the recording, got the syncopations roughly where they should be, and then tried to put the phrases together. Now I can play through the whole thing very slowly, with some mistakes most times, but still well enough so that you’ll hear the tune. I’m very happy about that!

I’ve also noticed that after starting with this class, I’ve already built some more strength in my left hand, play more at ease up the neck (Little Sadie goes all the way to the 10th fret) and last night I discovered that I can now play barre chords much more easily. This is a very encouraging development.

I’m now looking forward to digging into next week’s project!

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  • 24th January 2022

    Hi Susanne – who’d have thought that playing guitar is an Olympic event athletic performance! Glad to see that all the hard work and exercises are paying off – and that little clip of you playing was lovely – even I can see with my non-musical eyes that it was a challenging piece to master.

  • 24th January 2022

    Wow, this is a great achievement and what a challenge for you Susanne! Well done and keep up the good work 🙂

  • 24th January 2022

    Hi Susanne I can understand how you felt trying to juggle so many balls. Taking the guitar course is a good way to break some of those habits of trying to do too much, because you have to concentrate for 3 weeks just on your lessons and practice. Good for you making a video to show you could do it. I am enjoying reading your thoughts on this challenge and look forward to your next updated. Take care and have a lovely week. xx #lifethisweek

  • 25th January 2022

    I know nothing about music or playing instruments so can’t imagine playing a guitar (or anything) full-time! Wow!

    You’ve talked about your progress but I’m wondering if your fingers got sore or chaffed if you’re not accustomed to playing as much as you are now? Is that a thing? Blisters on fingers?

  • 26th January 2022

    I just commented and then oops didnt uncheck a box.

    Back again. I know when you have something like this you are learning with such vigour it becomes like a job. I am glad you are enjoying it and playing for others to see and hear.

    It’s been great to see your post in the link up for Life This Week at Denyse Whelan Blogs.
    I look forward to seeing you again next Monday if you have a post to share. Thanks so much. Denyse.


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