House renovations – before pictures

We’re few weeks from having to move from our rental house by the sea, and are working hard to get some rooms in order until then. D has painted all rooms except the sitting room and the kitchen, and has removed the carpets. For you people from the UK and Ireland (and possibly some other places, but I don’t know the carpet traditions in other countries!) – having covering carpets in rooms is not desirable for Swedish people. I personally think it’s simply disgusting living with whatever hides into carpets – dust, breadcrumbs?, mites (which may cause reactions in people with allergies) – and wooden or tiled floors look so much better! I totally understand the matter of having softer and warmer floors, but for me it isn’t worth it, I’m totally fine with using shoes indoors if needed, and instead having fresh looking floors that are easy to clean.

This was the looks of our other three rooms when we came to the house:

When we removed the carpets we found this lovely wooden floor in all rooms except the hallway and kitchen area:

To begin with, we wanted to fix them up – sand them and varnish them. Wooden floors give such a lovely “old cotttage” feel in houses. But sadly, after many hours of work, we’ve realised it simply takes too much time and we need to move in soon, so the plan now is to use laminate floors – the original floor will still be there if we want to fix it up later.

The room in the picture above will be our bedroom. It has a lovely morning sun with beautiful light, and it will be so pretty when we’re finished with the renovation! The floor will be a nice oak or walnut laminate, and with the white walls it will look really nice and fresh. I’ll post some new photos after the floor is placed!

The house generally is a mess right now, but we keep positive and continue the planning and the renovation. When the floor is in place in two of these rooms, we will move in.

The kitchen will be very simple for a while, and will be dealt with later. We need to make decisions about what heating we’ll install, how to draw pipes etc so there’s point with rebuilding the kitchen right now. We’ll just paint the walls white, get a stove and a washing machine, and make a bench and a shelf for the coffee machine, and it will be good enough for some time.

This is a little “utility room” for washing dishes etc. It has probably been a kitchen in the past.

We will keep this for washing dishes, place the washing machine and for storage. We’ll remove the upper cabinets and put open shelves there instead. The remaining cabinets will stay there until we fix up the entire kitchen area.

The bathroom is too horrible to even show you, LOL! But I’ll show before and after pictures later. We don’t know when we can have it fixed up but at least we’re looking at different ways to renovate it. There’s some really lovely bathroom stuff at IKEA.

This is the future kitchen, for now my office as you can see.

We had fiber broadband installed some week ago, so I’m here quite a bit using the kitchen as my office, because then when I take breaks, I can take a stroll in the garden or do some cleaning. Today I’m here waiting for our fridge and freezer to be delivered. I had planned to maybe dig some holes in the garden but sadly it’s way too windy outside to do anything at all, at least in the moment. We have some interesting plans for the garden, that involves lots and lots of digging.

To be continued!

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