Lorenzo left us in peace

Well, those waiting for Lorenzo sure had to wait! 😀 At least here in the south. We had a very windy and rainy morning, but after lunch it calmed down and then we didn’t see more of Lorenzo. In the evening we even had some sunshine! The temperature is nice too, since he brought some warm air from the tropics.

Tuesday night I had a really bad feeling, and all forecasts looked quite rough, for both the southern coast and up along the north-western coast. But it seemed Lorenzo looked at county Cork from the sea and decided not to visit.

The storm circulated in the sea outside Ireland for a long time, and didn’t really hit land until around midnight if I’m correct.

People on social media are whining as usual – that the safety coordination services overhyped. And I get that – it’s not good to have lots of warnings and then nothing happens, people may lose respect for future warnings. But the truth is that the storm could have it Ireland very violently. Now it didn’t – and that’s a GOOD thing.

This morning it’s a bit windy but nice and sunny here. I’ve followed the news and understand it hasn’t been so bad up north either, they have seen worse. However, lots of people are without power in county Galway, and there are floodings in Donegal.

As for the two of us, we’re now leaving Lorenzo behind, and will instead focus on the Cork folk festival that goes on this weekend. Tonight we’re going to see Andy Irvine – in case you didn’t know, he was one of the main people behind the band Planxty, he plays mandolin and bouzouki, and is a brilliant singer & songwriter. I’m really looking forward to seeing him!

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