What a treat on a Monday in November

Late autumn in Ireland can be anything. Storms, heavy rain, frost, or lovely autumn days with sunshine and 12-15 degrees. This year we've had it all.

This Monday I woke up to thick fog and rain, and I thought it would be "one of those days". But it cleared up, the sun came out and it was calm and nice. At lunchtime I took a stroll in the garden with the camera and it was actually very pleasant outside - after weeks of quite cold weather, hard winds, frost and whatnot.


I've been asked to become competition secretary in the camera club - and I was perhaps a bit naive when I said yes. It's lots of work but I think it will be an interesting challenge and a good way to become more engaged in the club. For now I'm super stressed about it but I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it later - the main problem is that I generally have a bit too much on my plate right now.

For November I'm organising a small club competition with the theme "Autumn colours". When I decided this theme, I was thinking we could go to the areas closer to Cork where there are some nice forest areas, but instead we went into lockdown with 5 km travel restrictions.

Around where we live there are NO autumn colours whatsoever. I haven't yet understood totally why. The windy weather, wrong kind of trees? I have no idea. Even here the leaves should stay enough on the trees to change colours, but they don't. All I have is a few scattered half brown, half yellow, and torn, leaves on the ground.

So I was delighted to find these pretty ivy leaves.. at least something.

Ivy in autumn

I don't miss much from Sweden, but I do miss the forest with coloured leaves in the autumn. Where I used to live, the colours weren't as dramatic as where I grew up, but the autumn was still beautiful. Our neighbour had a large maple tree which gave us lots of leaves on the ground, and I told my husband it was forbidden to remove them until I had photographed them! Behind the house there was another maple tree so we were quite blessed with leaves there.

Here in West Cork we have other types of beautiful scenery to enjoy, and I know there are vivid autumn colours in other areas of the country. Maybe next year we can travel again so we can go to see them.

The past week has been wild but also offered hints of good news about different things. After the US election I've skipped reading the news most days, haven't been much on social media either, and I've had a quite good week.

I hope you are doing well too, and that you can find things to enjoy and be thankful for.

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