The “word of the year” sounds so trendy that it almost doesn’t feel like something I normally would be doing. But I really like the idea. I think having a word or a concept for the year ahead can be developing and help you focus and grow, depending on what you choose of course.. My main inspiration for this is Deb from Deb’s world. I came across her blog about a year ago, and it’s been so inspiring reading it! She chose BOLD as her word of the year for 2021 and has shared every month about how she has been doing with BOLD that month. I love her blog and I love how she has tackled the word of the year. Now I’ve been inspired to at least pick a word/concept of the year and follow it as a focus for the year.

2021 was awful but I’ll do my best to make 2022 different

2021 was a horrible year. It’s been mostly about being overwhelmed by worry and stress – for sick family members, sick cat, Covid, health, the planet, the future. The happenings during the year taught me there’s no idea to have any hope for an end of the pandemic and I just felt lost. During the autumn I started suffering from anxiety attacks, and was forced to start taking my mental health more seriously.

2021 also offered some good times – pubs reopening, lovely summer weather (best summer since we moved to Ireland), a music session in a friend’s garden and one in a pub, getting to know my camera club friend better and going for photo walks with her, all our good chats via Signal and Whatsapp, falling back in love with photography, attending bluegrass singing classes online, and more. I enjoyed what we had that was good and did my best to make the most of it. I totally indulged in music and graphic design. I started learning Adobe Illustrator, photographed waves and seashells, I attended an online course about the history and development of Irish whiskey, and I’m going to do the same about Scotch soon. But when thinking back, what I mostly remember is the anxiety, and the main feeling I have is that 2021 was NOT what I would consider a good year.

Keeping calm, and quality of life

I don’t ever want to get back to the stress and worry of 2021. Therefore, I’ve chosen the word CALM as my word of the year for 2022. I will try to settle down, not overthink things, not be so easily distracted by other people’s attitudes or opinions, but let go of unhealthy mindsets, do things on my own terms, do my best to not overthink, but stay calm, go with the flow and focus on the good things in life that we still have or can do. I tried to have that attitude 2021, but got lost.

We had an absolutely lovely New Year’s Eve party with friends, despite the raging pandemic – we had dinner, drinks and fabulous chats for not less than 6 HOURS online, using the Signal app with video. I’ll continue to embrace technology and use it for good things. Having parties on Zoom and similar has become so normal and even if “the real thing” is much better, I’m so thankful that we have the opportunity to socialise through Zoom, Signal, Whatsapp and more.

In 2022 I’ll continue the good things I’ve done during 2021 – go for more walks with the camera, learn new tunes and techniques on the guitar, come back to the concertina, continue to develop my singing skills. And I’ll keep developing my skills with Adobe Illustrator and other design tools, and create cool things with them.

You're in Cork now like

I will only blog in the way I want to

2021 was a year of chaos with my blogging. I got lost with it and stopped doing it in the way that makes me happy because I started worrying aout my “appearance” online and got caught into what bloggers “should” do in 2021 instead of being myself. I started changing things to fit in, or at least to “look good”. I’ve moved content, deleted content, changed between different concepts, and more. I divided my blog into two and started a music blog, and later a second niche blog (about West Cork) which I felt very good about, but shortly after, I just felt empty and exhausted. Everything around writing seemed pointless, and I nearly left blogging altogether. I had to take a break to relax from it and to stop and think, and realised how much I missed my personal blog, what it used to be, and how much I enjoyed it before I started overthinking blogging.

This time I’ve restarted my personal blog NOT with the feeling “Oh well, let’s try this again and see how it goes” but instead with an attitude of “This rocks! I’m finally doing what I truly want to do and it’s gonna be fun!” I will now stop hyping about blogging and just do it as I want to do it. This blog will remain here. You may not believe it, but I do because I’ve changed my mindset about blogging and I’m coming back to being ME and writing for enjoyment and in my own way. I’m an old-school blogger by heart and that will probably never change.

I guess the concept of the year regarding blogging will be “don’t try so hard and stop worrying about fitting in – just write and have fun with it”.

And I feel CALM now when I’ve made this decision. My other blogs will also remain but as interesting side projects, and the West Cork blog will rise again with new content, and it’s going to be good. However, not much will happen there until this current, massive, Covid surge calms down. The beginning of this year will be about staying home.

With that, I’ll finish this post and I wish you all a good start to 2022.

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  • 3rd January 2022

    Calm is a wonderful word! If I would choose a word for 2022 it would be “grateful”. I pray that you do get a calm year, and I am looking forward to seeing what you choose to blog about! I ordered the books I will be needing for the ‘Master Program of Education’ today, and right now I am immensely grateful that I know a little bit of English, since some of the literature was in English.

  • 3rd January 2022

    Hi Susanne – I think you’re blogging journey has been much the same for a lot of us – we start out with testing the waters, get caught up in the hype, realize we’ve lost our way, and then choose to write what feels authentic again. That’s what makes blogging so interesting, and when you settle into writing from the heart, it’s a great way to settle your mind and soul.
    I’m sorry covid has been such a worry for you in 2021 – it seems to have been a real issue around the world and in Australia we’ve been less impacted – but that’s changing and I can see we’re going to have a lot more of it this year – we just seem to have delayed the inevitable. I’m choosing to not worry about it too much – to not expose myself to all the scare mongering in the media, and to just keep taking life one day at a time – focusing on the small joys that are present everywhere if we choose to look for them. I hope you find your centre of calm and that it’s a fabulous year for you in 2022. 🙂

  • 5th January 2022

    Lovely to read the outcome of your blog post…and that you are choosing to please yourself now as a blogger. Calm is an awesome word and I use Calm app every morning and night for my meditation practice.

    I like too, how you have become a part of this small community of bloggers here at Life This Week, and complimenting Deb from Deb’s World on her blog and word for 2021.

    Looking forward to reading more as the year progresses,

    Thank you for linking up for the first Life This Week in 2022 at Denyse Whelan Blogs.
    Thank you too for sharing your post with our community and commenting on mine.
    See you next week for 2/51 Life This Week,
    Warm wishes

  • 16th January 2022

    Calm is a good word because you want to create an inner calm in a world that wants to rattle you. I started a word of the year last year too. Last year my word was “Declutter” but it was difficult because my two BILs moved in and we have a very different relationship to stuff. This year my word is (re)Invigorate. It has been so draining not doing anything. I visited less restaurants, less coffee placed, etc. I felt like joy sucked out of my life. There was more…so I decided to go pursue things that made me feel invigorated.

  • 22nd January 2022

    Susanne, what a lovely (and adaptable) word of the year. It seems like you can apply it in so many different ways. Remaining calm in your approach to blogging. Seeking calm in your daily life through routines and rituals that feed your soul. Pursuing hobbies that generate a sense of calm (music, photography…). It seems as though you naturally gravitate towards a state of calm, so perhaps this is going to be a year of re-establishing that as your baseline? Vs. the dizzying chaos of the past 2 years…?

    I can also see this aligning with my word of courage. It takes courage to do all of the things that you plan to do – to write for yourself, pursue hobbies and perhaps a new vocation (graphic design!) that you love, creating the life that you want in Ireland. It would take a lot of courage for me to generate calm in my own life – perhaps this is a word I should consider for next year!

    Wishing you calm in 2022… and a peaceful, fulfilling journey here on the blog. You know I’ll be here! <3

    Also, PS – I need to check out these link ups! They seem more relevant to my stage in life vs. those designed for people who spend 10 minutes on their makeup and think that's "minimal". Ha! Not for me, thanks. I'll take books and introspection any day…

      • 29th January 2022

        You know, I think you’re on to something with your statement about creating your own calm. I’ve been looking externally for things to bolster my courage – to quotes, and posts, and books. But really, the act of being courageous (or in your case, being calm) has to come from within or it’s not going to mean as much. It’s hard, though, to dig within oneself to find that sense of calm, or the courage to do what needs to be done. I’ll be honest – I chicken out a lot. Or I push it off to some unspecified future date. I’m hoping (sigh, always hoping) to use my blog to help keep me honest so I can actually BE courageous in my every day life. I also have to remember that yes, it can be scary, but it’s so, so worth it!

        Hope you are still able to remain calm as (I hope hope hope) this wave of COVID is receding. We need a break. A longer one than Omicron afforded us, thanks. 😉 Take care, as always.

        And PS – I’m opening links to those other blogs through your comments, so thanks!

  • 25th January 2022

    You left a sweet message on my WOTY post and I think I can probably thank our mutual friendship with Deb from Deb’s World for your finding my little blog at all. I am just getting around to reading comments and responding. Wanted to let you know that I am going to add your blog to my Feedly blog reading feed so I can keep up with you regularly. Although, regular blog reading for me is all over the place a lot of times!! Just like the rest of my life…all over the place.

    I hear you about 2021, and for us 2020 and 2019 were pretty darn lousy, too. So I am feeling very hopeful that 2022 HAS to be better. HAS to be, right?? I suffer with anxiety to some extent, too, and OCD to a larger extent. Although my OCD doesn’t manifest in me checking the oven, the door locks, the lights, the iron over and over. I just very keyed up when things are not ‘dress right dress’, neat, organized. My daily dose of Fluvoxamine really makes a difference in helping me remain balanced. But doesn’t help much when anxiety rears its ugly head.

    Hope to get to know you better as the year progresses. I feel like I have gotten away from my real intent in starting to blog and want to get back to that this year. Don’t like to worry about SEO and who is following me and all that jazz. I just want to write. And connect with others who are in the same season of life and like to write.

    Here’s hoping we both have a terrific 2022. And that we get our blogging back to our original intent. Happy new year.


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