Foot injury

On the road to recovery

Hi everyone! I’ve crawled out of the dark dungeons of misery and I’m back to join the Weekly rundown link-up with Kim and Deborah, to talk about the week of fitness. This post is more like “fitness lately”, but still. I’m back!

If you’re interested in reading the more detailed update about my foot injury, you can find it here. It’s been a long and bumpy road but I finally got a diagnosis (stress fracture on the 3rd metatarsal), and with the diagnosis, finally proper help. I saw the orthopedist on Friday and although it was a much shorter visit than I expected, I got the information I needed and I’m happy with it. He said it’s a small and uncomplicated fracture and he seemed very certain it will heal quickly. That was music to my ears of course. He said “I’m going to give you a boot”I , and I wonder if I’m the first patient who happily says “Yes please!”. And I almost added “bring it on, baby!” 😂 You’ll understand why if you read the update post I linked to above.

They referred me to a physiotherapist that will give me further info about timeframe and more (and more importantly, can I ride a bike NOW?). My personal trainer is not a certified physiotherapist as those who works in hospitals, but he is a physical therapist (is this confusing or what) and is absolutely trained and competent (perhaps more than any) to do sports injury rehab but of course the HSE doesn’t know that and that’s ok. We’ll see who will do what and what happens. As long as I get the proper help and rehab I’m happy with anyone, and my trainer will still help me to get back on track with my leg & foot strength later.

I love my boot. It’s clunky and too warm and much else but it helps me get around without destroying shoulders. I still wonder “how do you walk with that thing?” but I get around fine with crutches, without having to put too much pressure on them since I can put some weight on the foot with the boot. I’m convinced the person who invented these should have received the Nobel prize. I have high hopes now to live a good life while the injury heals. This is the first true step towards recovery, and after weeks of chaos I can finally relax and move on.

Happy times outside the fracture clinic in Cork

People I’ve met over the weekend have had this horrified look when they’ve seen my boot because now I truly looked INJURED and DISABLED, but I did my best to tell them that this is a good sign – that I’m getting help now and will be better soon.

Fitness activities lately

I’ve continued going to the gym twice a week, and it’s been my lifeline both mentally and physically. It’s fantastic to have been able to do something – and often quite hard work – to keep up my fitness, also during this time. I mostly work on the upper body, but the lower body will be dealt with later. I do chest press and flyes each time, various shoulder excercises, something for core/back, and barbell row (lying face down on a bench) or dumbbell row (with both knees on a bench, quite hard to do but it works). Every time I also get hip and glute exercises on a mat, and/or leg curls with resistance band.

I’ve continued doing some hip mobility work and core & glute strength at home. A big thank you to everyone who recommended the deadbugs, I absolutely love them! Now it’s time to try them with weights. Woodchoppers were also mentioned, but I haven’t tried them yet. I might do that next week.

From this week, I go to the gym three times a week. I’ve seen some very promising results from ramping up from once to twice a week (which I did in November) so why not add another session? Especially now when the gym sessions are the only “proper” workouts I get and my body is itching to move.

Ok, no running, no walking, no rowing, but at least I can keep building muscle and strength!

Since tomorrow is bank holiday and my trainer has the day off, I’ve done a simple workout in the garden – friends’ garden actually. They just had an extension built on their house and my husband offered to come and help them with the horrible mess that is now the garden. They’ll build a nice wall around a future lawn, and a patio, and it will be fabulous when it’s ready. I obviously couldn’t do anything to help, so instead I put myself on the grass doing leg lifts, pushups, hip circles and deadbugs.

Other news

This week we thought we had lost our cat Ester, a wonderful, very bossy lady with a strong personality. She is 8 years old and has moved with us from Sweden. She disappeared on Tuesday and came back on Wednesday evening, very weak and lethargic. We tried to get her to drink some water which she did, but was not herself at all and we planned to take her to the vet the day after. But on Thursday morning, before we had locked the cat flap, she was gone. Then we didn’t see her again. I couldn’t go searching because of my injury, but my husband did a very thorough search around our garden and our neighbour’s garden, with no result. Knowing how sick she was, I had no hope of her coming back again, I was absolutely certain she had hidden somewhere to die.

The queen

But then, suddenly she appeared behind the house last night. We immediately called the emergency vet and she is now in the hospital, with a likely urinary infection and kidney failure. She’s had this about two years ago and was in the hospital for a week, but has been fine since, eating a special diet.

It feels like such a miracle that she came back. I had the most horrible feeling that we didn’t get the chance to help her. With the very sudden onset of this illness, I thought she had eaten something poisonous. I’m so much calmer about a UTI. Now I’m very hopeful that she’ll be home to give us “presents” and meow loudly at 4 am again. I honestly can’t wait!


22 responses to “On the road to recovery”

  1. Wendy avatar

    Aww, poor Esther! She probably didn’t want you to fuss over her. I’m glad she’s getting medical attention and will recover soon.

    Also glad to see you finally got a diagnosis. I’ve been in the boot multiple times and while I didn’t love that I was in the boot, I understand what you mean when you say you love the boot. My foot felt so secure and comfy in it. I agree with you that whoever invented it was a genius. Even the last time when I broke my ankle and foot, I never was casted, just placed in the boot. At least I could sleep without it and shower!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yes, being in the boot is no fun but it’s fantastic compared to the other option I had because now I can move around easier without risking to wreck my shoulder again. I also take mine off for showering and sleep, but also if it gets too hot and I just sit working or watching TV or similar anyway. We have quite warm weather right now and if I sit outside or elsewhere where it’s very warm (and this boot is HOT) my foot can swell up like a balloon. In that situation if I had a cast, I would get a panic attack! Now at least I can easily take off the boot, cool down the foot and elevate it.

  2. Deborah Brooks avatar

    So glad that you finally got a proper diagnosis and that you are on the road to recovery. It is frustrating not to know what is causing you pain and discomfort. You have a really great attitude about the boot! I could not do it at all a few years back. Hang in and have a great week nice to have you back

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thanks, Deborah! I wasn’t a fan of the thought of using a boot early on, but after almost wrecking my shoulder hanging on crutches, I welcomed it with open arms, knowing I would be able to put weight on the foot with it. It really is a clever tool. I still use crutches but more to keep balance, and because of the level difference between the boot and my right shoe.

  3. Kimberly Hatting avatar

    You seem to love your boot much more than I did mine 😉 That’s good!!! I had a terrible time getting around with mine due to the unevenness it caused with all of my other shoes (it was easily two inches thick). I’m glad you’re able to focus on so many other workouts at the moment (all that upper-body work will reap rewards). Such a great attitude! I hope sweet Ester is feeling better soon!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Love is a strong word in this case, lol! But after the experiences of the past month, yes I probably do love it. It helps me a lot and the boot sort of became the symbol of taking the first step towards recovery.
      I talked to the veterinary hospital this morning and Ester is doing well, still receiving iv fluids and will stay there another day or so. I’m happy enough with that.

  4. Darlene S Cardillo avatar

    So happy to hear about your cat.

    I’m with Kim, it was uneven and I limped around but the alternative (Crutches) is much worse.

    But you can drive, go to the gym, use the bike and machines… best case scenario (besides running).

    I still have my boot… I wore it briefly when I broke my foot but my DR said it was not necessary. He was right since iI healed.

    Good luck… wishing you speedy healing.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thanks, Darlene. I’m still learning how to walk with it – probably was more like pushing myself around with it over the weekend, today I’m trying to do something that resembles walking (but with crutches as balance tool). Much better than what I had to do some week ago.
      But I hope to be back to normal walking soon.

  5. Lindsay avatar

    So lovely to see you writing again – but what a few weeks you’ve had! I’m glad you have a boot and a plan and are working your way around working out. It does so much for my mental game, you know? All the good thoughts to Ester!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Honestly if I hadn’t been able to continue my strength training during this time, my mental health would have been dead. Now that I can also get out to see people (and not only my trainer in the gym) in a somewhat foot-safe manner, that’s wonderful. I have high hopes for cycling soon too.

  6. Jenn avatar

    Sweet Ester! I would have been out of my mind with worry!

    I’m so glad you like that boot. Honestly, I hated mine and it hurt so much, but I love your perspective and mindset, so get after it! You’re well on the road to recovery!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Honestly, the Ester issue happened just when I was prepping to see the orthopedist and finally get help, after a long time of chaos. My brain was fatigued and all mental energy was sort of wasted already so I was very calm (but very sad) about it. I certainly didn’t need to lose my cat too – but had no energy left to start reacting emotionally AGAIN, I was sort of empty in a way. It sounds awful but that’s what it was. Of course I was sad and felt a lot of guilt too that we “let” her escape, and felt like we hadn’t done enough. When she came back and we got her to the vet, that was like a gift from heaven, almost to have her back from the dead!

  7. Jenny avatar

    Well, I’m very glad you got a diagnosis! You sound much happier than you did a couple weeks ago. It sounds like you’re figuring out all the things you can do while you’re waiting for this to heal. I hope it’s quick!
    Poor Ester! I’m so glad she came back and now she’s getting the care she needs. I hope she’s okay- keep us updated.

    1. Susanne avatar

      It’s been such a chaos emotionally with this injury, and especially with all the DIY-ing and not knowing what I could do or how long anything would take. Now with finally having a diagnosis and getting help, I feel like it’s over although it isn’t healed yet! I feel like I have my life back in a way. All the uncertainty was absolutely exhausting.
      Ester should be home in a few days if she keeps getting better… to be continued 😀

  8. Jessie avatar

    Oh, poor Esther! I hope she makes a great recovery. What a sweetie. I love cats (and dogs – and all the animals!)

    I’m so very happy that you have a diagnosis and a plan! Such wonderful news 🙂

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yes, finally I feel I’ll get somewhere with this injury and can move on! Ester is receiving iv fluids and antibiotics.. doing well so far, I’m waiting for test results as we speak. She’s such a peculiar but lovely cat.

  9. Chocolaterunsjudy avatar

    Oh, I’m so sorry about Ester but so happy that she made her way home to you! You truly didn’t need that on top of everything else.

    I’m also happy that you finally got a dx. Let’s just say the medical system is just not what it used to be, and it is seriously frustrating to me. Glad that they think it will heal up quickly! In the meantime take care and be well (and Ester too).

    1. Susanne avatar

      No, honestly now if I only had the foot to worry about, life would be quite good!
      The medical system here is quite in pieces and like in Sweden, nobody takes responsibility for it. Let’s hope I won’t have to be involved in it for a good while after this. I’m still waiting for the “urgent” physio appointment.

  10. Debbie avatar

    I love your positive attitude about wearing your boot, but I’m sure at this point you’ll do anything to get your foot healed so you can be mobile again.

    Poor Ester! I hope she’s feeling better and bringing you presents again.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yes, anything to get the foot healed now, but also to be able to get around safely (for all body parts) while it heals! I’m not able to do any real walking with it, but I do something that resembles walking with crutches. I have no idea how people walk with these, at least without the shoe leveller thing. But this is much better than the option I had before (crutches and no weight bearing).

  11. Renée avatar

    there’s so much positive energy from your post Susanne! I love it and I feel your hope! I really know how it feels to be out of the running from a foot issue and it’s always a relief to hear there is a solution (I have no more solutions but I can continue with things even though I have pain – this is obviously different for you and I am crossing everything that you are finally on your way!!).

    poor sweet Ester. I hope she will be ok. Sending all the good thoughts.

    1. Susanne avatar

      I’m happy to share my positive vibes!
      Yes, you can run with certain pain conditions but not with fractures or stress fractures (unless you’re Goggins..). It will take a long time before I’ll run again but I’m looking forward to walking and doing proper leg exercises in the gym again.

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