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Our YouTube channel is now open

Today we did it. We started our own YouTube channel. That’s a big thing for me! I’ve always been scared of publishing my videos for the general public (I love the “unlisted” function on YouTube) because I always worry people will tell me I suck, because I already know that and hearing other people say it would make me so miserable and discouraged.

But that attitude will stop now. I’m having so much fun with music, and it’s about time we put ourselves out there for everyone to see. You know, I’ve mostly been fine with playing and singing in trad sessions in pubs but when it comes to YouTube and similar… not so much. There is something particular with playing for a screen instead of real people. Very strange.

However, we’re long overdue to celebrate our first anniversary with what we call our “instrument switch” – that my husband started playing the mandolin and I started playing bluegrass guitar. I played the mandolin for 20+ years and my husband played the guitar. I was pretty much known as “Susanne who plays the mandolin”. But when I started taking guitar lessons in the early winter of 2020, I preferred to play the guitar, although I only played chords then. Later during the first lockdown, my husband suddenly started playing the mandolin and learned some new tunes too. I picked up the guitar to back him, and after a while, I made the decision to start learning to play it “for real” (meaning more than chords), and we were on our way.

I quite soon realised that the guitar was a better fit for me than the mandolin, despite the bigger size, longer frets, and the feeling of playing Twister with your fingers every time you learn new chords (the mandolin isn’t much better though!). I’ve always loved the soft mellow sound of an acoustic guitar and always admired anyone who was good at playing it. And for some reason, I feel so “at home” with playing the guitar.

Since spring, we’ve been talking about doing a concert or something like it on YouTube to celebrate our first anniversary. That was a bit ambitious, but instead, now we’ve launched our YouTube channel and our goal is to publish a new tune each week. This will be so much fun and will also be such good practise to get used to the recording/performance situation.

If you’ve been here before, you may remember an old post where I posted a video of myself playing Beaumont rag. It was quite rough but I really enjoyed making that video. Now, many months later, I’ve practised the tune some more, and we decided to make Beaumont rag the first tune on our YouTube channel.

Now a good post about my year with learning bluegrass guitar is in order, but that’ll be next time. See you soon!


  • Brian
    12th August 2021 at 3:08 pm

    It was lovely to hear you playing again. You are both doing really well and sounding fantastic together.

    • Susanne
      12th August 2021 at 3:32 pm

      Thank you, that makes me happy!


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