Self respect and the blog

This blog has been all over the place.
When I started it, I wanted to share my experiences of moving abroad, and about the lovely area I was going to live in, but at the same time, I also did a university course and everything became so overwhelming that I was barely able to write anything at all.

Later I tried to make it into a photography blog, and that didn’t work – I didn’t enjoy it and didn’t have more time to blog just because I wasn’t going to write anything long-form. Despite that, I tried to do the same thing again recently to keep the blog alive – which was a stupid decision.

Photography blogging isn’t for me

Let’s just realise that although I love photography, I only want to use it as a visual tool in my blog posts. I want to use my photos to show you places I’ve been to, or the beauty of everyday life. I’m not competent enough to actually write about photography – other than my own experiences, like that of my DIY photo studio, and my photos are usually too mediocre to really use them for a high quality photography blog. But I have a growing photo archive and those photos deserve to be shared somewhere. An ordinary personal blog like this is perfect for that.

Possible reasons why I try to change my blog so often

I’m very perfectionist about what I do. I struggle to believe that what I do is good enough, and this is probably one of the reasons why I fiddle about so much with my blog, why I delete old posts, fiddle with designs, blog concepts and more. I simply doubt my posts are good enough and I want to create something that is better. I’ve had several blogs in the past and most of them were shut down for this reason. When I started this blog I decided I would work on creating something good that I would be proud of and that I would want to keep. And in fact, this blog has been running much longer than any other blog I’ve had, if I don’t count the whiskey blog. Although I’ve been fiddling with blogging styles and deleted posts, it’s still around and that’s a step forward. Now I just have to make myself want to keep writing.

The modern blog format and its trend affects me negatively, although I’ve always loved personal blogs. I still love old school blogs – where the blogger shares stories from life, shares something from their journey, or simply thoughts around current events, or related things. This is not trendy anymore, now “everyone” should solve problems (the whole concept around this is extremely exaggerated), be an expert, or sell something. Everyone follows the same pattern and all posts look the same. That bores me to death! I would never write a listicle post because I find them so cliché (because the concept is too overused) and I don’t want my blog to look like every other blog out there.

I still very much enjoy running a personal blog, and as long as there are people reading it, I will continue doing it in one way or another.

Still, I often feel that I “should” do something else on the blog, that everything I write has to be useful, high quality, add value, and all that BS. Certainly these are good things, but in reality, I believe that personal blogs still have a place and value, AND you do add value with your stories. Your stories may entertain, inspire, or inform. All this is good AND it’s totally ok to run a personal blog! There are people out there who enjoy them – and miss them. It’s refreshing to find blogs where you’re not bombarded with ads and sell sell sell messages. The blogs that I read regularly are of the personal type, or whisky blogs. Whisk(e)y blogs are still quite straightforward and many of them have a personal touch most of the time.

I run a couple of other blogs because blogging to me is a good way to learn about topics I’m interested in, to collect thoughts and opinions. I have two whisk(e)y blogs and one about music. You may wonder “but how do you manage to write in all those blogs?” and the answer is that I don’t write frequently in all of them. I basically write in one of them every week. At least at the moment I don’t have the ambition to write in several blogs every week – it may happen, but not usually. I run my blogs because I enjoy it, I believe it will help me improve my writing, and it will help me learn more about the topics I write about, as well as help me switch off the news media and to keep busy and in good mood during this nightmare we’re living in.

Recently, my whiskey blog was added to a list of Irish whiskey blogs on a high profile industry website. That was definitely a boost for my self esteem! After that, but also earlier after having asked another whisky blogger for input on my new blog project, I’ve been able to relax more and to enjoy writing more. I also feel I have more self respect and see my blog(s) and my writing differently.
Isn’t it crazy how the mind works? Why couldn’t I do this earlier? Why did I need some kind of confirmation that my work is good enough? Well, that’s an ongoing problem that I have and that I need to work on, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing to ask other bloggers in your niche for advice or input! It was very inspiring and has helped a lot.

I decided yesterday to also respect this blog, and I added back some old posts that I had on backup. I created this blog for a reason, to share my experiences of moving to Ireland, and about life here, and although wasn’t able to write much last year, when I now read my old posts, I think they are interesting to read and I know that in the future I will appreciate having them. Reading my thoughts from life during the pandemic will also be valuable in the future. A blog like this is not only for storytelling or sharing thoughts but also serves as a documentation of your life.

What I’m trying to do on the other blogs is to stop taking myself so seriously, but just to write, and enjoy myself, and this is something I also need to start doing here.

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