Tag: Moving to Ireland

I’ve had this blog since what, February? And I have 10 posts. When I prepared for this blog, I wanted it to be the one blog I wouldn’t just abandon. But I’ve lost inspiration, for the usual reasons but also because I’ve been so overwhelmed and my brain hasn’t cooperative […]

This summer has been crazy, but fabulous! We moved into our house in the end of June, and although it was just barely habitable, it was such a lovely feeling to finally have our own house again. I hadn’t realised how much I had missed having a home. In reality, […]

After one year and a half of planning, months of preparations, house renovations, packing, more packing, stress, the frustration of not having a home and of living in boxes, we’re finally here. We lived in West Cork, Ireland, 10 years ago, and came back to Sweden after a bit over […]