The first day of the rest of my life

This sounds so cheesy and cliché-ey that it almost gives me a face palm moment. BUT..

After my exams, or actually for a couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about life after the university studies, and what to do next. I’ve had a few different ideas, but eventually we both agreed that we can get by without me bringing in money as soon as possible, and that I should do what inspires me, set a goal that inspires me, and to do what makes me happy. What makes you happy is usually something that you’re decent at, will be brilliant at if you continue doing it, and can often in the end become a career. Ten years ago this would have been a total cliché to me, something that only happens in Hollywood movies. But I’ve read so much recently about people who used this mindset and that actually managed to change their lives. With today’s technology and the internet, there’s (almost) no limit for what you can do.

Have you heard about Jenny Colgan? If not, look her up now. I’m reading her book series about The Little Beach street bakery. It’s a lovely feel-good story about a girl who is, after a business bankruptcy, forced to move to this dreary (or quite quaint actually, as she learns later) little seaside town in Cornwall. To soothe her soul she bakes, and she ends up running a successful bakery.

Jenny Colgan Christmas at Little Beach street bakery

I’ve just finished reading the second book and will start reading the Christmas book, and I love how these books make me feel. Not only do they make me want to buy an oven as soon as possible so that I can bake, they also make me cry and laugh at the same time, but most importantly, they inspire me so much. They tell the story of a girl who goes from having lost everything to totally turning her life around, against all odds. And this inspires me SO MUCH. With some willpower, stubbornness, a good mindset and some support, it’s possible.

There’s a reason why I decided to study Italian. I do have a passion for the language, but there’s also the fact that if you’re good at a second or even third language, some new career options may open up. I wanted to become as fluent as possible, to be able to do something more with my skills than to just chat with people during my holidays. Yet, I have no clue where I will end up using it, but I have some interesting ideas.

This university course was a way for me to get further with my Italian, learn more grammar and simply use the language on a daily basis. My spoken Italian is still very stumbly (to my standards, at least) but I realised when I started writing the exams that wow, my writing skills have really improved.

My next step is to continue to work on my Italian, and the number one way to do that will be to write. Writing has ALWAYS been my way to learn a language, because when you write, you have to look up words, check your grammar, find ways to express yourself, which in the end will make you more comfortable with the language and will help your speaking skills too.

I have plans within other areas too, but the next step with it all starts with writing. So expect to see more happening on this blog, on my whiskey blog, that I’ll work on a bit more, and maybe somewhere else too. My self confidence with writing is basically zero, and this is actually the main reason why I haven’t kept on blogging in the past. I simply think all my previous blogs sucked, really bad. But how can you get better at writing if you don’t write?

Now it’s Friday and almost Christmas, perfect time to get started with the rest of your life!

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