Waiting for Lorenzo

At the end of last week, news about hurricane Lorenzo started circulating here and there on social media. It would move over the South Atlantic, across the Azores, and head straight towards Ireland and the UK. I didn’t really believe it would be anything bad, because there have been several warnings recently, that have mainly just been about remains of tropical storms that, when they finally reached Ireland, only caused some excessive rain.

I’ve followed the weather updates, and they have been very varied over the week, but this morning they finally seemed to agree. According to the latest updates, Storm Lorenzo is coming here tomorrow, and he is a very powerful posttropical storm.

Storms of this type haven’t been this far north before, so I’m not sure how nasty it will be, and right now I feel like I’m in a disaster movie. South county Cork (where we are) and all counties along the west coast are on Status Orange, expecting damaging winds, heavy rain, storm surges with flooding of coastal areas, power outages, and travel disruptions. We are staying home, and I hope that everyone else in affected areas is wise and does the same. If I had kids, I would definitely keep them home from school.

The two of us will likely be ok, as long as we stay inside, because we live on a hill and we’re not so close to the sea. But I worry a lot about friends of ours, about our town, and many other coastal towns and villages in the area. Clonakilty is always high risk for floodings, and right now they’re carrying out huge flood relief works. A tropical storm in the middle of that is NOT a good thing. The road that leads from us to town WILL be flooded, the question is only for how long and how bad the people and businesses in the village will be affected.

But of course – the more north western counties are far worse off, and I hope and pray it won’t be as bad as expected.

I’ve worked some in the garden during the week to prepare, and this evening we’ve done the last few things; taken flower pots inside, removed all remaining loose objects, put the rubbish bins into our storage container, and more.

All remaining plants are now in the ground, also my rose cutting that probably wasn’t completely ready – but I couldn’t leave it in a pot, and inside it would be too dry. It had nice roots so it will probably make it, unless Lorenzo drowns it of course. The wooden trellises you see are to support roses, but they are also inside the storage container right now.

We’ve done some shopping to prepare for potential power outages, and tomorrow morning I’ll take out candles, torches and lighters, so that we know where they are, just in case.

Since we moved to Ireland we’ve seen several storms, but none of them with so many alerts and so much preparation. I’m very impressed by the Irish emergency coordination authorities (whatever they are called!) and how they prepare and alert the public before an event like this – I never saw anything like it in Sweden (probably because we rarely see extreme weather events there). There’s information to follow here, here, and here, and there’s lots of info and updates on social media and on all news channels.

Now we can only wait, pray (for those who are into that – I know that I am!), and hope for the best. I’ll be back soon.

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