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Weekly rundown #1 2022

I was invited to join another fitness/running link-up, the Weekly Rundown, hosted by Deborah and Kim, to summarise the week of fitness. This is a great way to document my training and other exercise, so let’s do it!

It’s been a good week fitness-wise, except I still don’t have a good plan for at-home exercise on non-gym days, perhaps I’ll sit down to make one tonight. I’ve made a list of suitable exercises to do, but they will depend on what I’ve done in the gym so I guess I’d better just look at that list and pick what suits at each occasion.


This is the reason I need to make a plan for non-gym days, because I didn’t do a thing. Except work, of course. I didn’t even go for a walk! And as I remember it, the weather wasn’t to blame.


Tuesdays are gym days. This was meant to be a heavy lifting session, and it was! I did:

  • sumo squats with barbell,
  • deadlifts (or some variant of it) with trap bar
  • chest press with dumbbells
  • flyes with dumbbells – last set with increased weight
  • tricep pulldown with dumbbells – increased weight to I think 9 kgs (I need to look closer to know myself what weights I lift!)
  • dumbbell row (with increased weight to 10 kgs)
  • barbell upright row
  • and probably something else 🙂

Then I was supposed to do an overhead shoulder press with the barbell (haven’t done that before) – but I was absolutely exhausted and couldn’t do the thing. This was the very first time I couldn’t even do one! We moved on to do the same exercise with dumbbells which I’ve done many times, but had to go down to 3 kgs for me to be able to do them. However, until then, I did very well and was extremely happy with this session.


A quite soft day, but I did resistance band exercises for knees and hips, glute bridges, and a mobility exercise for my rotator cuffs that I’ve been doing since July.

In the evening my husband and I watched a documentary of sorts about the Mont Blanc ultramarathon, and I started thinking about trying to run again. I discussed it with my PT on the Tuesday and his attitude seemed to be that I could do it any day but that the weather this season wouldn’t be pleasant for running. I then thought I could give it a try in January (my initial plan was March), but when I saw this documentary I decided to go out on the Thursday morning for a walk, and maybe try to run a few steps just to see if it would feel ok.


It was a fine dry morning, almost no wind for once, and I went down the lane and tried some running. This was a great step forward and I dedicated an entire blog post to it here – it worked fine, was pain free, and I ran a lot more than expected. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to do it again, although a lot more carefully than earlier. Now I’ll continue doing it 1-2 times a week, mostly depending on the weather (and knee status, of course). I’ll ramp it up extremely slowly and carefully and only if my knees seem problem free. I will only let storms or frost stop me from going out running! It has to be safe, and the Atlantic storms we get here can get very nasty. With frost the roads get too slippery and that’s not my cup of tea at all. One reason I moved away from Sweden was to escape snow and ice, so frost here will only be experienced from the inside of the house, unless I REALLY have to go out. 🙂


Fridays are also gym days. This was supposed to be the “light” session of the week. :D:D I did:

  • Leg raises in dip machine. I hadn’t done this before and it was really heavy, but mostly because I needed lots of shoulder strength to hold myself up. It probably did a lot of work on the abs too.
  • Lunges with barbell
  • Bulgarian split squats with dumbbells (10 kgs, I think)
  • Jackknife on mat. This was absolutely savage to my abs! I haven’t been able to laugh this weekend.
  • Lateral shoulder raise. These are always hard because of my dysfunctional shoulders. But I’m improving with them which is good.
  • Dumbbell row again, still 10 kgs.
  • Flyes again, 8 kg dumbbells
  • A special variation of glute bridge, with footsoles together. A very good exercise to prep for running!
  • Probably something more on the mat but can’t remember what that was. 🙂


So, after the “light” session I was barely able to move yesterday! Especially my abs and upper back were awful (still are). However, we had decided to go to Cork for some shopping, and then go for a walk in a forest near Midleton.

I’m one of the cool kids now:

Happy owner of a Fitbit Charge 5

But I can’t help but think about this, every time I fiddle with it. 😀

After getting the Fitbit, we went to Midleton, to buy the ultimate Christmas whiskey that they only sell at the distillery. I’m a 100% whiskey geek and that will never change! Mindful drinking and in moderation is the key. We must have looked odd in the distillery shop, all geared up for a good hike! But we got the bottle and some more, and then headed for the woods.

Sadly the road to the forest (it’s probably more like a park or nature reserve, at least for a Swede!) was closed and we had no patience to find another way, so we went back home and went for a good walk in our local area. We took a different way than usual, a small road we haven’t tried before, and probably won’t do it again – it seemed like it’s made for cows or possibly tractors, covered with large rocks, mud and whatnot. At least we got to move, and walked 4 km. During the week we had about 10 C, but all of a sudden… around 5 C. Not my favourite, but it was nice to get out after most of the day in the car.

Sunday – rest and music

Sunday is a rest day, although sometimes we go for walks on Sundays if the weather is bad on the Saturday. Today I’m mostly exercising my fingers, because I do some concertina practice for an online workshop tonight with Noel Hill. I have learned last month’s tune somewhat, and managed to practice two or so hours today. I usually can’t play for too long. Every time after I’ve played for a while, my cat comes to me, looks offended, stares at me and meows until I stop. Now she sits at the armchair next to me, I’m absolutely certain she is watching so that I won’t start playing again. So far she’s been good during the lessons but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until she shows up!

We definitely have a cold snap over us – for my run tomorrow we’re expecting 3-4 degrees C (just below 40-ish F). That could be, eh, interesting! Later in the week it looks like it’ll be even worse. But it’s the season for it so I’ll try to not complain.

That was that for this week, and I hope the next will be as good. And – I think I’ll need to get going with my camera to get some more varied photos for this blog! To be honest it’s not like me to be as inactive with the camera as I’ve been recently.

I hope you had a good and active week!


28 responses to “Weekly rundown #1 2022”

  1. Deborah Brooks avatar

    So happy to have you join our link up Susanne! WE are a great group of bloggers and super fantastic. (Unbiased perspective of course) Looking forward to getting to know you. Great week of strength workouts!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thanks Deborah! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and getting some inspiration from your posts!

  2. Jenn avatar

    I love whiskey too. I need to get over to our local distillery for some of their holiday batches. Yum.

    Sounds like a fabulous week! Well done being patient and taking things one day at a time.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Sounds nice with the distillery, Jenn! Which one is it?
      I certainly had a good week in the gym and more, now I hope tomorrow’s run will work as well.

  3. Wendy avatar

    I’m excited to have another runner/strength trainer in the group! I do heavy strength with a coach one day per week and CrossFit one day per week. It really benefits my running, so I just keep doing it. Do you work with a coach or do your training on your own?

    We have a lake house in Wisconsin and there’s a bourbon distillery nearby that I think we’re going to try next weekend. I’m not a whiskey drinker but it might be a fun diversion!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Hi Wendy, nice to have you here! I’m definitely much more a strength trainer than runner, I’m just dipping my toes into running so far, but hope to continue doing it. For strength training I did it in the past on my own but could never do it consistently for a variety of reasons, but after moving to Ireland I really wanted to give it another try because my life is so different now. I work with a personal trainer twice a week, started in March once weekly and just recently ramped up to a 2nd session, then at home I do lighter training, to begin with it was mostly physiotherapy because of my dysfunctional rotator cuffs and later my knee problem, but now I’m going to add more ordinary strength exercises.

      What bourbon distillery do you have there by the lake? I don’t know much about American whiskey brands and I’m not a fan of bourbon at all, I’ve really given it a try but still there is only one I find decent! I tend to like Tennessee whiskey better than bourbon, perhaps the coal filtration does something to it that is more appealing to me. But the world of whiskey is exciting to discover, I’m mostly for Irish whiskey, Scotch and Scandinavian whisky myself.

  4. Jenny avatar

    I was going to ask the same question as Wendy, but I see you’ve answered it. So both of your gym sessions are with a coach- seems like a great situation. I like the detailed descriptions of your gym sessions! And I hope the running continues to go well.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yes, adding a second training session with my PT was a no-brainer, it’s not particularly expensive, especially with the added value of getting personalised training, help with specific issues, and all the other benefits. I would never have had these results so quickly if I’d gone to an ordinary gym.
      We’ll see how long I’ll go on writing such detailed descriptions! It was a bit of work for sure but also quite good to have it written down.

  5. Marcia avatar

    Welcome to the Weekly Rundown Susanne! So glad to have you join us. I last visited Cork when we were in Dublin for RnRDublin. Does that race still exist?? Great job getting your workouts in this week!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Hi Marcia! How cool that you’ve been to Cork! When I did a quick search it looks like the RnR Dublin race was discontinued in 2020. But there are lots of other races if you want to come back to Ireland!

  6. Donna avatar

    Hi, Suzanne – I had written a long comment but had forgotten to click the consent button so it disappeared. My quick summary is that I look forward to continuing to follow your fitness adventure. Very inspiring!

    1. Susanne avatar

      What a shame that it disappears just because of the checkbox! I’m so glad you stayed anyway to write something. Thanks for following along!

  7. Kimberly Hatting avatar

    Hello Susanne!! So glad you joined us 😉 It’s always great to read about everyone’s fitness adventures and endeavors. Sounds like you are very committed to keeping fit!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thanks, Kim! Yes, I’m committed – about time after almost 49 years of mostly inactivity (except for walking)!

  8. Chocolaterunsjudy avatar

    Nice to “meet” you! Sounds like you had a very good week. Too funny about your cat being offended by your playing!

    Easy does it always works when easing back into running.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Hi Judy, nice to meet you too! Yes, Ester is a peculiar cat. Someone suggested she wants to sing along!

  9. Kim G avatar

    Nice to e-meet you Susanne! So looking forward to following along on your fitness journey!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Hi Kim, e-meet is a wonderful expression! Nice to e-meet you too!

  10. Lisa @ TechChick Adventures avatar

    It’s almost that time of year when my blog turns into a bunch of pictures of me running on my treadmill 🙂 Can you believe I’ve never drank whiskey?? I’m pretty much a beer, rose wine, or fruity mixed drink person!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Good for you to have a treadmill! I’m not a fan of them but they’re handy of course when the weather gets rough.
      Cocktail making is a lot of fun, I started exploring the world of cocktails last year when my husband gave me a cocktail making kit for my birthday. I’m going to learn more and find my own favourite fruity drink. I found that oregano is lovely to mix in instead of mint, for some extra spice.
      I love whiskey for the variety of flavours and it’s exciting to learn more about how they are created. And of course because it tastes good!

  11. Maria avatar

    That is awesome that you are getting into an exercise routine! Having an encouraging PT really makes a difference. Best of luck with the new routine. You can do this!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thanks Maria, I’m well on my way! Yesterday I was out for a run again, and it went very well. 🙂 I’m so happy to be back!

  12. Michelle avatar

    Great to have you here Susanne! Great strength workouts – looking forward to getting to know you 🙂

    1. Susanne avatar

      Hi Michelle, thanks for visiting! I’ll be back to the link-up for sure!

  13. Debbie avatar

    Welcome to our group of blogging friends! Sorry I’m so behind in catching up on my reading – you had some great workouts.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thank you Debbie! And sorry for this late reply – for some reason I must have missed it.

  14. Anne avatar

    Dang, Susanne, you are STRONG if those weights are accurate! I’m over here with my weenie little weights slowly but surely regaining SOME strength in my arms. Your training sessions sound intense! I also love your preference for outside walks. They are mine, as well. My limited access to nearby natural settings is one of the few things that frustrates me about my current location – the easiest outside option for me is a paved trail in a very populated area. Better than nothing but oh, I wish I had a more nature-focused location I could access easily without driving miles… Can’t wait to see this journey continue! (I read this link up but rarely if ever comment on others’ blogs… and definitely don’t post myself!)

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yes they are usually quite intense! And it’s possible you could lift a bit heavier as well – I didn’t realise what I could lift until I started working with my PT who challenges me to lift heavier than I’ve done previously when I went to a regular gym. But it’s more natural to do it when you have someone checking that you do it correctly.
      I guess a paved trail in a city is a decent place to go for walk, or run if you want that? I’m very blessed with having nature outside my door. But any place for walking/running is a good place. Perhaps some weekend you can go to somewhere nice? It’s good for the soul too!

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