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Weekly rundown #3 2022

This was expected to be a very slow week, because of the cold weather. I was so restless at the beginning of the week, just waiting for the warmer temperatures to return. I’m so blessed to live in a country where it’s about days, not months!

A big thank you, everyone who gave their ideas about running in cold weather. Most of you talked about warm layers, and not running when there’s ice on the road. Last week I did some good warm layer shopping, but I’ve made the decision to not run in this level of cold weather (around 0 C or colder) until I’m more experienced with running. If it’s cold but a nice dry day with no frost or ice, I might give it a try later on. I now have some wonderful fleece-lined leggings that will work fine for both walking and running.

This was the second week of zero or subzero temperatures, and it’s also been a very busy week. I haven’t been able to squeeze in much more than the usual weightlifting sessions, but did some good stuff on the weekend.


It was an odd but very good, start of the week. I mostly walked around feeling confused, proud, shocked and happy at the same time, after the news on Sunday afternoon that I received a pass with distinction on the graphic design course. It was a weird day and I didn’t even get much work done.

We had -4C (24F) in the morning, and severe frost. When I opened the door for the cat, I realised it didn’t seem too bad out there but with the roads covered with frost, going for a walk or run was a no-no.

The problem with cold weather here isn’t only that it’s unpleasant to go out, but we live in an old simple house that needs a lot of work. When we moved to Ireland, we had to buy the cheapest house possible because we couldn’t get a mortgage, so we bought a small old-fashioned bungalow that hadn’t received any TLC for a long time. The location is fantastic, but we’re not caught up with renovation – we’ve added roof insulation, wall cavity insulation and good ventilation, but have lots more work to do, and with minus degrees outside, it’s not fun in here.

I spent the day in the sitting room in front of the fire, which was the only somewhat warm room, and did everything in there. I worked on the laptop, played the guitar, and did some bodyweight strength training – push-ups, squats, lunges, and my rotator cuff mobility exercise.


It was a good day in the gym. Here’s some of what I did:

  • Sumo squats with barbell
  • Bulgarian split squats – my nemesis – with dumbbells, 6 kgs. By focusing on my breathing, I could finally do them. They are much easier with dumbbells than with a barbell!
  • TYI on the mat – Does this have another name? I do them lying flat, face down, no weights.
  • Shoulder press, 4 kgs
  • Dumbbell row, 10 kgs
  • Flyes, 5 kg dumbbells
  • Push-ups in full plank position
  • Shoulder shrugs with dumbbells, 10 kgs (or 12,5? I can’t remember)


Some time ago, a lady asked us if we would be interested in playing music in the nursing home daycare facility. We play mostly bluegrass and related styles, and that’s what we’re best at. We love Irish music but are still just learning it, and definitely don’t do any Christmas music! But we said yes, if she thought our usual music would be good enough. This Wednesday was the day – it would have been more appropriate with more Irish singalong songs but it seemed most of the people enjoyed it anyway. And it was WARM in there!


I was very restless. I’m so not a cold weather person! This kind of weather if it goes on too long, makes me tired, grumpy, and I just want to hide under a blanket to wait for better times and it’s hard to focus and follow my usual schedule. But I did my best to get some work done, and did my rotator cuff mobility exercise. I’m making progress with it!


At least according to the Met Éireann app, this was supposed to be the last very cold day in a while. Happy days!

It was a good day at the gym. Here’s some of what I did:

  • Deadlifts with barbell
  • A special leg exercise that worked on both leg strength, good sense of balance, and to not overthink it!
  • Chest press with barbell, 12 x 3, this is usually hard on my bad elbows but it went quite well.
  • Tricep pulldown with dumbbell, 6 kgs. Last few reps of the last set were tough. But I did it.
  • Romanian twist, sitting on the floor, with dumbbell (6 kg).
  • Swimmer pilates
  • Upright row, 12 x 3
  • Overhead tricep dumbbell extension, standing up. 3 kgs only but there’s no way I would have managed to do it any heavier after the other tricep & shoulder exercises.


Saturday was another not so active day but it was a day of pleasure. In the evening we were going to a whiskey tasting, and took the opportunity to have a mini-holiday weekend of sorts to celebrate that I got my graphic design cert.

After the tasting we stayed in the bar, enjoying some other whiskeys, and when we came back to our hotel room, I said “Let’s do the plank before we go to bed!” And we ended up doing planks, push-ups, squats and lunges, pushing each other to keep going. It was wonderfully inspiring to do some workouts together like that and we’re definitely do it again.


Today is a very good day. The warm weather is back!

Celebrating 10C and rain!

I guess I should rather say that the normal Irish shite weather is back, but I love it! A big YAY for 10C (50F), drizzle, and no ice on the roads!! This is the kind of winter I prefer.

When we came back home from Cork this morning, we jumped into running clothes and went for a long walk. It was so pleasant! We took a road we haven’t walked before, my husband had seen it on the map and thought we should go and see what it’s like. It took us along our usual country lane but with an additional loop and it’s 9,5 km in total, passing fields and farms. It will be absolutely stunning in the spring and summer, and it will be perfect for running too.

It was a quite decent week after all, and the walk today was one of the highlights. It’s the first time I walk 9+ km in one go, and at the moment I feel like someone has smashed me with a sledgehammer! But tomorrow is Monday, we’ll still have 10 degrees and rain, so my plan is to go out for a run.

I’m joining Kim and Deborah for the Weekly rundown link-up, to talk about the week of fitness.


26 responses to “Weekly rundown #3 2022”

  1. Wendy avatar

    I love that picture of you on the path with the fog around you! We’ve had a lot of fog lately too. Of course, it’s so green there. It’s very brown here. Now it’s very cold. We are below 0C and will probably have a high of 15F/-10C later in the week. I’m not a fan, but I’m even less of a fan of running on the treadmill, so I’ll get out there. Unless there’s ice.

    Your whiskey tasting sounds fun–we did a bourbon tasting last weekend. No planking after ours, tho, lol

    1. Susanne avatar

      I really like that picture too! Yes, it’s very green here, because of the mild climate, and I guess also because we get quite some rain.
      Your forecasted temperature is definitely no fun! I’m not a fan if treadmills either and we have no room for one so with that kind of temperature I’d stay inside doing strength workouts instead.

  2. Kimberly Hatting avatar

    Nice job on the planking (and all the bonus moves) after your whiskey adventure! I do my daily planks in the morning, but have gotten in the routine of doing 10 push-ups before bed (if I haven’t done any in a workout earlier in the day). There have been a few times when I’ll accidentally get in bed, and get all comfy under the warm blankets, before remembering about the forgotten push-ups. The thought crosses my mind to just skip them…but I invariably always get out and do them anyways. Your Sunday temps sound quite warm and balmy in comparison to what my Iowa locale is experiencing…wish I was there!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Oh yes, our 10C are wonderful and I’m still loving it although we have very strong winds from tonight. Anything is better than minus degrees!
      That’s a good routine to do the planking in the morning, perhaps I should do that too. I still haven’t found, or created, a good training schedule between gym days, I’ll need to do that now. Well done with the pushups, it’s too easy to skip them when you’re already in bed!

  3. Chocolaterunsjudy avatar

    Congrats on your graphic design cert! I used to be a designer. When dinosaurs roamed, LOL! It’s quite different now.

    Clothes are one of the big battles for running in the cold. The other is mindset!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Very good point about mindset! I want to challenge myself with most things now, but for now, minus degrees is the limit (although I may change my mind later). It’s mostly that I lived in Sweden for so many years, and now that we live where minus degrees is uncommon, it’s possible to escape too cold weather and I’ve had enough of it in my life!

  4. Deborah Brooks avatar

    Huge congratulations on passing your graphic design certification. What will you do next? What do you design? Way to get some great gym days in this week. Love that photo of you in the road. Show us some more photos of where you live! It is always fun to see other countries and where everyone runs.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thanks, Deborah! Before I took this course, I was working on music-themed designs to print on t-shirts and other merch, to sell in an online shop. I’m going back to that to begin with, but at the same time I’ll work on my website, and continue to practise my skills to get a good variety of things together for my portfolio. For myself I make illustrations with or without statements and similar to print on t-shirts, but would like to also do projects for other companies like branding materials of different sorts. I’ll see what opportunities I run into!
      I promise to share more photos! It’s a bit ironic I haven’t posted more photos here, normally I take the camera with me wherever I go!

  5. Jenny avatar

    I’m very interested in your gym days. I did bulgarian split squats again today with no weights, but next time will progress to dumbbells.
    The route you walked sounds beautiful, and I can’t wait for you to run it. I agree with Deborah- I want more pictures! I hope you have warmer weather this week.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Oh, the Bulgarian split squat is so hard! With dumbbells it’s just a step up from using no weights and you’ll be fine doing it! I need to practise it a lot more to be able to do it again with the barbell.
      I’ll definitely share more photos in future posts! I normally take a lot of photos but didn’t know how to take the camera with me for running – I really dislike using the phone camera, it’s awkward to shoot with it (when you’re used to a “real” camera and enjoy the ergonomic grip etc) and I don’t like how the phone processes the images either. But I was out today and brought my smaller camera and it worked quite well actually.

  6. Coco avatar

    Congrats on the graphic design class! I am sure your music was well-recieved, and I bet they didn’t mind hearing something different. Will you go back?

    Low 50s is my favorite running weather, but whenever I bundle up to walk my dog (instead of taking him for a run) I realize that it’s not so bad out — unless it is windy.

    OTOH, I don’t like mud and it seems like you’ve got that too.

    I hope you have a great week!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thank you, Coco! It seemed they liked the music after all, we’ll see if they ask us to come back! I wouldn’t mind going back but would plan it a bit differently then.
      Oh yes, plenty of mud (or manure!!) here, especially on the smaller roads or paths, like that on the second photo. I’m not a fan of that! Or anything that makes you slip, for that matter.

  7. Jenn avatar

    WHISKEY! MUSIC! DESIGN CERT! This is all amazing.

    Today, we hit our low of 37F (it will be in the 20s this weekend). We just got the warning to watch for falling iguanas. Yup. When it gets too cold, they freeze, and fall out of trees. I’ll take ice and snow, thanks.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yep, lots of good stuff going on here! 🙂 The thing about the iguanas is hilarious!! Perhaps a bit sad for them, but still hilarious! I can imagine what it looks like. But are they alive when they fall down? And would they harm people? This is totally alien to me, lol!

  8. Darlene S Cardillo avatar

    That is so cool that you play music… My hubby & I LOVE Irish dance… have seen River Dance so many times.

    For us it’s about months and the winter can be endless. Of course, it gets colder in other places… we are rarely below zero (I hope I just didn’t jinx it.)

    So you just go out and do it… it never is as bad as it seems. I just hate the treadmill…. love the outdoors. Ice is the only thing that scares me…

    1. Susanne avatar

      Irish tap dance is really cool! We don’t see so much of it down here where I live, though. We play mostly bluegrass, my husband on mandolin and myself on guitar, but I’m learning Irish tunes on the concertina and my husband plays the fiddle too. I’m planning to learn to sing some Irish songs, whether or not they’ll suit my singing style, we’ll see. We really enjoy hanging out with people playing music, it’s a wonderful way to get to know new people!

      Endless winters were the norm when I lived in Sweden… I really disliked it. I’m so happy here with the usually mild weather. We get nasty storms now and then but that’s ok, just need to stay inside when it happens. As long as we get mild winters!

      Like you say, ice is the main problem with cold weather. With the clothes I’ve stocked up with now I should be fine running in colder temps but I don’t want to risk breaking bones doing it!

  9. Kim G avatar

    Congratulations on passing you graphic design certification – that’s amazing, and a nice early holiday gift to yourself!

    I love that last photo of you on the trail with the fog. We don’t get too much fog here in Connecticut but it’s been pretty cold lately.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thanks Kim, this was a wonderful way to finish the year!
      We frequently get fog here, of course because of the damp weather especially in the winter. Fog can be pretty in photos!

  10. Retirement Reflections avatar

    Hi, Suzanne – Congratulations on your design certification and successful fitness routine. Your routine is very inspiring!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thank you, Donna! So happy if I can inspire someone!

  11. Marcia avatar

    Your beautiful pics make me want to return to Ireland! It’s so beautiful there, rain, fog and all! Love that you pushed each other to exercise after the whiskey tasting! Glad your cold snap is over. Ours is just starting and we’ve got a blizzard coming this way for Christmas.

    1. Susanne avatar

      It IS beautiful here! And it’s so green because we have a lot of rain so people shouldn’t complain. I’m sorry to hear about the blizzard coming your way, stay safe and warm!

  12. Debbie avatar

    You are my hero for doing Bulgarian split squats without having someone force you to do them. LOL

    I love your Sunday victory photo! As you become a more seasoned runner I bet you’ll enjoy the cooler runs more.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Sadly that is not the case, lol! I work with a personal trainer and he makes me do them! But I’m starting to like them because they are so challenging and since October I’m in a mode when I want to overcome everything I think I can’t do.
      I hope you’re right about enjoying colder runs! That could be part of challenging myself too and I’m quite sure as soon as I learn how my body handles running in cold weather, I won’t let the weather stop me from running (unless there’s ice – I’ll never accept snow and ice!).

  13. Michelle avatar

    Congrats on your graphic design cert!

    The whiskey tasting sounds like fun – I love that you followed it up with a workout 🙂

    Great photo of you on the trail with all that fog!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Hi Michelle, and tgank you! Yes, the post-whiskey workout was great! 😀

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