Life in Ireland

We’re finally in Ireland

After one year and a half of planning, months of preparations, house renovations, packing, more packing, stress, the frustration of not having a home and of living in boxes, we’re finally here.

We lived in West Cork, Ireland, 10 years ago, and came back to Sweden after a bit over a year, mainly for work related reasons. But West Cork has continued to be like home, and this feeling has increased in recent years, for a variety or reasons. Many things have changed since we left Ireland, and in August 2017 we decided to try to work towards going back to Ireland and making it our home again.

So we’ve sold our house and some belongings, ordered a moving company to bring the rest to Ireland, took our cat with us, and left Sweden in the beginning of February 2019. We now live near the sea in the south end of West Cork, where we rent a house until summer, while we look at houses to buy. Another important reason why we didn’t stay in Ireland the last time was that we rented a house that was quite rough – cold, damp and slightly overfurnished, and since it wasn’t our house we couldn’t do anything about it. This time we have decided from the start that we will buy a house, so that we can renovate and adjust things to our liking.

On this blog I want to share about our adventures in Ireland, about our life here, the lovely places we visit, about living abroad, and I also hope to write about our attempts to simplify life, downsize our home, and to create a better, healthier, and more enjoyable lifestyle.

Welcome, and please say hello if you visit!

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